• Our Purpose

    At NS Noodle House, we present hometown flavors in a simple and straightforward manner, featuring corn-fed Kampung Chicken, Tomato Soup, and Ginger Wine Soup. Located in the heart of PJ, diners get to experience the purest essence of hometown taste by using the simplest and highest quality ingredients.

  • Our Process

    Originated in Bukit Pagar, Tapah Perak. Our founder is an authentic Hakka. Since childhood, he left his hometown to pursue his culinary dreams in the city, but he has always cherished the taste of his hometown. The establishment of NS Noodle House is not only a way for the owner to alleviate homesickness but also a decision to return to his roots after nearly 40 years of culinary experience. He aims to carry forward his mother's unique secret recipes.

  • Our Production

    The best flavors at NS Noodle House are created through a pot of Chicken Soup, which transforms into signature dishes like Tomato Soup, Ginger Wine Soup, and Kampung Chicken. First, a pot of soup is simmered with Kampung Chicken bones, and after an additional simmering of nearly 4 hours, it becomes a rich broth that concentrates the essence of various ingredients. This broth is then used to cook dishes based on the diners' preferences.

Kg Chicken Soup

A hearty soup base made with premium ingredients, including farm chicken bones and old hens, offering rich flavor and nutritional value. The meat of an old hen is relatively tough and has a chewy texture, which means that during the stewing process, it can release more delicious broth and chicken flavor. This provides the soup with a rich flavor, making it even more delicious. farm chicken bones contain more nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These nutrients are released during the cooking process, increasing the nutritional value of the soup.

Quality Ingredient

Freshly butchered pork is handpicked at the butcher shop every morning to ensure customers taste the freshest ingredients we offer. "Shoulder Collar" is one of the main parts we use, which is the meat from the upper shoulder blade, also known as "Plum Blossom Meat" or "Shoulder Blade Meat," Shoulder Collar meat has a perfect balance of lean and fat, offering a rich pork flavor and a tender, aromatic, and exceptional texture. Shoulder Collar meat is typically more tender than other cuts, which is why it is considered premium and comes at a higher cost.

Homemade Noodle

Freshly handcrafted noodles made daily, without any preservatives, a resilient chewiness, neither too soft nor too hard. Pairing our noodles into soup usually makes them softer, moist, and more delicious. This method can also increase the complexity and variety of the overall dish as the noodles interact with the soup; the noodles absorb the broth, making them feel more moist and juicy in the mouth. This enhances the flavor of the noodles.